Top 5 Things I Do In Chiang Mai For Fitness & Health

1. I start every day with a bike ride to the market for a fresh fruit breakfast or a ride up to the top of Doi Suthep for a fresh fruit smoothie with added sugar. I bring fill my 2 water bottles at home and by the time I reach the smoothie stall that is 10.9km up the Doi I have finished that water and can then SAVE PLASTIC by getting the smoothy ladies to fill my empty water bottles with awesome fruit smoothy!

2. Each week I do an adventure ride of between 80-200km. I do it at talking pace and its really fun. 

3. Every night I hit up Maya Mall as downstairs they have a vegetarian buffet that sells oil free vegan rice dishes. Just ask them 'what is oil free tonight?'. They speak great english.

4. I drink enough water each day that Im pissing clear every 2-3 hours.

5. I go to bed around 9pm and get up about 5am and start work for an hour then jump on the bike. This routine keeps me SO lean and full of energy.


  • Hello Durianrider (Harley) – not sure if you will even read this but thought I’d try. Have to say that I have mixed feelings about watching your youtube videos but have to give props where they are due. In one of your videos you casually mentioned during the end to watch the Netflix documentary What the Health. Well, I did and things have changed since then! I went almost (90-95%) vegan overnight and am in to 4 weeks with no meat. I still had some eggs, butter, and milk to finish off and did that except for a little butter. It has always been in the back of my mind but hearing that recommendation and following through has been amazing. I’ve watched at least a half dozen documentaries on the subject since then. I feel more accountable for my lifestyle now that I am not contributing to suffering of other beings and myself. I have more energy, confidence, losing weight, and sleeping better. The hydration is ke as well! I cannot imagine ever eating meat again…and I am loving the vegetables and fruit. Still not sure about totally cutting out eggs but definitely will be minimal for the time being. I mean, I cannot understand why anyone would not want to eat this way. I am also thinking about starting a youtube channel (oh yeah, I’m a cyclist too) about vegan cooking with some bike stuff mixed in, maybe running and meditation as well. Anyway, thanks – had to tell you. Would it be possible to get some advice about starting a youtube channel? Let me know. Either way – all the best to you and keep gettin’ it done!
    Joe S.

  • So Dude. Can I like pay to get ya books in Baht. And get like a discount for bein like local?

  • Sabay Dee Kap! Pak Thai lao ru yang?


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