Carb The Fuck Up Lifestyle and Dietary Guide (The ultimate weight loss lifestyle ebook)

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I risk sounding very arrogant by saying this but I simply dont know anyone else who has helped more people turn their life around, earn insane income via social media and achieve their ideal health and fitness. The reason for this is I dont know anyone who gives such clear, step by step guides for people to follow. 

Ive met people who were out of shape and had ZERO social media status/following and given them tips from day 1 on how to achieve their dream lifestyle/physique. The same information in this ebook is the same information that I personally gave to the following Youtubers. Reading thru this list in 2018 is quite surreal because I can remember so clearly the very first time I met all these people and none of them had the fitness and social media following they have now from following my template. You can have that same level of success if you take my advice and work hard at it like these channels have! (Im only including the people Ive talked with 1on1 and helped them personally. I dont include people who were inspired from following my template on their own accord)

(In alphabetical order)
Bonny Rebecca,
Cheap Charlie Chronicles, Freelee, Fully Raw Kristina, Get Slim With Tori, Handeeman, Happy Health Vegan, High Carb Hannah, James Aspey, Joey Carbstrong,  Venus, Maddie Lymburner, Supreme Banana, That Vegan Couple, Mr & Mrs Vegan, Vegan Gains.

So you can see that my template DOES work. I dont know anyone else who can list of so many successful channels who followed the template they had outlined in their ebook. 100% you can have the success these people have because like you and me, they are also just every day people but the difference is we took consistent action in the right direction.

(Photos below from instagram are REAL life people using the #carbthefuckup hashtag and loving this lifestyle!)


What if you could have an ebook that only took a few hours to read and gave you ALL the tips that Ive used to INCREDIBLE success in my own life and THOUSANDS of people Ive coached in the last 20 years?

Many people post PHOTOSHOPPED before and after pics promoting their bogus diet and exercise crash diets. NOT ME! 

I took these photos myself. Some of you might recognize this person from Youtube as Freelee Banana Girl. When she came to me she was dead broke, out of shape and battling with eating disorders. Had ZERO social media following BUT by following my coaching every day she rose thru the ranks earning over 50k USD and getting up to 16 million views per month, just from working 2-3 hours per week! 

Before. 73kg and constantly run down. 

After following my advice to the letter the transformation became permanent and lasting.

Effortlessly holding 51kg and getting to eat ALL she cared for.


Just a quick glance of the hashtag #carbthefuckup will see over half a million examples of food and body transformations. 

Chapter topics include:

*Healing and avoiding metabolic damage

*How to attain a single digit body fat physique naturally.

*What are the best foods for health, performance and weight loss.

*The biggest mistakes people make when trying to lose weight and how to avoid them.

* The best way to live a digital nomad lifestyle if you want to earn over 10k a month online.

* How much food and water do we really need for peak health?

*How to save thousands every year by living a minimalist lifestyle that is actually fun!

*Relationship and lifestyle tips that are TOTAL GAME CHANGERS.

*Recipe and meal examples.

*My own personal daily routine and diet in detail.

Plus many many other important and helpful topics. This ebook is literally the best publication resource you will invest in. Ive read ALL the self help books out there and summarized the most pragmatic advice that is easy to read and apply in daily life. My diet and lifestyle tips are simply the best out there and the thousands of people who have purchased my ebook AND taken action on the advice are living proof how effective and easy these templates are to bring into your daily life no matter how fit or unfit you currently are today!