Vegan Cycling Jersey  (sorry sold out!!)

Vegan Cycling Jersey (sorry sold out!!)

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ONLY $40USD each!!!! Selling faster than I can supply!

*Update 1st May 2019 if you go to they have a special price on neon vegan jerseys. They are very high quality non fade and we have been using them for a lot of miles in the last year. I do rate them highly. Fly the V flag loud and proud! :) Meet more like like minded crew where ever you go. We do! :)

Scroll right down for a size chart. Measure against your fav jersey for the best fit. 

$20USD for registered postage to anywhere on earth regardless if you order one or 15. Thai post tell me it takes about 2 weeks to deliver. 

I have 2 types.

Summer fabric or winter fabric. (You could ride either in any conditions but I prefer thin material for hot days and thicker material for cooler days).

These are hand made by locals here in Chiang Mai. I use the company called Triple S because the owner is a fan and also rides and sponsors local riders. This isnt some mega factory that brands like vegan athletic have used and then sell to you at an INSANE mark up. 

I make just a few dollars each jersey with the goal of getting them out there on the backs of cyclists who are not afraid to be loud and proud vegans and be also recognized by others they are yet to meet. You just never know who you will meet wearing one of these jerseys! 

This years designs are focused on standing out on the road to increase your visibility to team mates and other road users. The jerseys come in summer (SL) or winter (endurance) cut and are priced so good I just dont know anyone else who makes this quality jersey at this price!! They also feature YKK zips for durability aka sustainability. The inks used are very fade resistant which is important for visibility longterm. It also means your jersey lasts longer therefore being more environmental!