Top 5 Things I Do In Chiang Mai For Fitness & Health

1. I start every day with a bike ride to the market for a fresh fruit breakfast or a ride up to the top of Doi Suthep for a fresh fruit smoothie with added sugar. I bring fill my 2 water bottles at home and by the time I reach the smoothie stall that is 10.9km up the Doi I have finished that water and can then SAVE PLASTIC by getting the smoothy ladies to fill my empty water bottles with awesome fruit smoothy!

2. Each week I do an adventure ride of between 80-200km. I do it at talking pace and its really fun. 

3. Every night I hit up Maya Mall as downstairs they have a vegetarian buffet that sells oil free vegan rice dishes. Just ask them 'what is oil free tonight?'. They speak great english.

4. I drink enough water each day that Im pissing clear every 2-3 hours.

5. I go to bed around 9pm and get up about 5am and start work for an hour then jump on the bike. This routine keeps me SO lean and full of energy.


  • I live in Chiang Mai. I’d like to share some information with you. Spirulina has been a trusted source of whole nutrition on our planet for a long time. It is a popular choice and a staple superfood in pantries of the health conscious. …if you would like to learn more about its numerous health benefits, please come to visit the Boonsom Spirulina Farm in Mae Wang, Chiang Mai the respected producer for 30 years.

    Margaret Bhadungzong
  • Hi,
    Watch your stuff all the time i live in Phetchabun Train very hard i try to get in x 6 per week average 300/50 km week always intervals every session. I race MTB here in Thailand won many trophy am 60 years old love the fit, bike eating nutrition things that you do, I’d love to train or meet up seriously i’m a serious rider and very dedicated person in general been here over 18 years have good bikes do MTB road races to. I want to get some drone filming in around the mountains near where i live have some crazy mental hills of and on road open land to film i’m wondering if you can help me on this come down and meet me or i’ll come up, I’m racing in Chaing Rai Singha park 9th Dec. travel all around the country, love to meet you straight up. Please reply. Can send you some pic’s myself with trophy’s from all my raceshere i only started riding in Thailand i was like an ox when started now around the 70kg i am 1.78 tall.

  • Hey I’m going down to OZ in the summer (most likely Jan) and stay for a couple months. How can I get in on the coaching or even just meeting up with you?

  • Plur

    God bless durian rider
  • Hey Harley,

    Love your videos. While I’m not a vegan, I am improving my diet and am pretty much a vegetarian. Thanks to the remote nature of my job, I am able to work from anywhere. I’m looking to spend a month in Chiang Mai. I’m a cycling fanatic and average over 1,100 km per month. I live in Colorado so I don’t have issues with riding at high altitudes. Just wondering if you do any group rides in Chiang Mai. If so I would love to join and ride with you.

    Thanks, Peter


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